Claudine – April Teacher of the Month

Claudine – April Teacher of the Month

Last week we learned about Claudine’s other half and fellow yoga instructor, Declan. This week will we find out at bit more about her four-legged family member!

Lulu is Claudine’s eight-year-old Labradoodle rescue. She is pictured above with Claudine’s eight-year-old daughter, Izzy. Just liker her owner, Lulu is a very calm and balanced soul. She fits right in with everyone at Indigo, and thus is a yoga dog. One of her favorite things to do is hang around the studio and greet all of the new guests. If you catch her at the right time, you might find her in her favorite posture, downward-facing dog! *wink wink*

Read next Tuesday to find out our last tidbit about our April Teacher of the Month, Claudine!

Cody Davidson
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