Claudine – April Teacher of the Month

Claudine – April Teacher of the Month

This month, we have learned that Claudine is newly married to an amazing husband, has two amazing children and a wonderful dog. April is coming to a close, and so we have one more week to share a tidbit with you all about the fabulous, Claudine!

Claudine loves the beach and the ocean. Her passion for the seaside developed at a young age due to the fact that she grew up in southern Florida. Having the ocean at her back door, she grew to love surfing. This love turned into a desire to compete, and so she started entering competitions. Even though she no longer competes in surfing competitions, she still loves to visit the coast with her family so that she can share her love with them.

Now that you know more about Claudine, take one of her classes! She teaches every day and will challenge you both mentally and physically. Read next week to find out which teacher is the May Teacher of the Month! Namaste.

Cody Davidson
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