Meet Hannah

Hannah | Marketing Director

Fun Fact: Hannah has been a dancer all her life and is an amazing step dancer.

Yoga came into my life at a very poignant time and when I took a class at Indigo, I fell in love.


When I’m not busy checking people in at the front door or taking a class myself, I am a producer at a digital media agency in Raleigh. As a graduate of UNC’s School of Media and Journalism, I have always had a passion for storytelling. The resiliency of the human heart is incredible and that is a theme that runs deep in both my professional life and my yoga practice. Yoga, books, and food are the three things I cannot live without.


Despite having varied interests, yoga is at the center of my life. Yoga allows me to look at life from a different perspective. Being an anxious person, yoga gives me the mindfulness and focus that I need in the other areas of my life.


Yoga has been my saving grace. Not only because of the amazing community that comes with practicing yoga but because yoga demands that you be the best version of yourself.  Yoga gives me peace of mind and perspective.


I hope that you all will try hot yoga to help you achieve this same peace of mind.