Meet Jamie

Jamie | Teacher

Trained in 200-hour teacher training

Fun Fact: Jamie’s first yoga experience was in high school


Jamie’s first yoga experience was as a high schooler. She left the room in a fit of giggles -it was *so lame* – and didn’t return to the mat for many years. Several years ago, unhappy at her job as a technical writer and stressed out as a new mom, she tried getting on the mat again and something clicked. As a swimmer growing up and in college and a (one-time) marathon runner, Jamie is naturally drawn toward intense physical challenges, and hot yoga fit that bill. And what’s more, she found through slowing down, breathing, and challenging her balance, she was able to access the mental benefits of yoga. She found the courage to follow her heart, which led to her quitting her job and becoming a yoga teacher.

Jamie did her 200-hour teacher training at Indigo Hot Yoga in Raleigh. She loves to create flows that challenge students physically and give them space to find that mental and emotional connection that can lead to deeper personal insight and growth. She also loves the way yoga can highlight how different life can be day-to-day, maybe one day you can balance in Eagle pose all day and the next you’re a wobbly mess! Making peace with these fluctuations, and coping with our humanity and imperfections, is an amazing takeaway from the practice of yoga.