Meet Katie

Katie | Teacher

Trained in Jimmy Barkan Level 1 – 200 hr

Fun Fact: She did her hot yoga teacher training in Australia, which she says was the “best experience ever!” Good day mate!

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow
  • Gentle Hot Flow

Originally from Lockport, NY, I grew up playing soccer and was a collegiate athlete while obtaining my undergraduate degree from High Point University. I was always the one running off the field without stretching after practice, and so naturally the thought of taking a yoga class intimidated me. I mean, if I could barely touch my toes, how would I make it through a yoga class?

Yoga was for those with grace and flexibility and that certainly did not define me. Even with these predisposed ideas, I found myself at Indigo on a cold February day for my first class. By the end of class I discovered that yoga was for the girl who couldn’t touch her toes.

This is exactly why I love teaching. I want each and every one of my students to find the whole-hearted love that doesn’t come from having grace or flexibility.

I wish that I had practiced yoga during my time as a collegiate athlete, and I hope to one day be able to share my practice with young athletes so that they too can fall in love with the wonderful art of yoga.