Meet Kim

Kim | Teacher

Trained in Hot Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hr

Fun Fact:  Kim is a complete journey seeker. She loves traveling and is always looking for beautiful places to visit. Already quite the jetsetter, Kim has visited many places worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, Peru, England, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Japan, Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.


The beautiful thing about yoga is that it is a practice for everyone no matter your size, age, previous workout regimen, etc. I have always been active as I grew up in gymnastics, soccer, ballet and cheerleading. In college, I started running a lot and in total, I have completed five half marathons. Once I began noticing the physical strain that running can have on the body, I sought to find a gentler, yet challenging practice that I’d be able to continue throughout my life.

A friend of mine suggested that I try hot yoga at Indigo a couple years ago, since then I have been hooked. Not only do I love the physical elements of yoga, but the mental elements prove beneficial as well because it challenges me to be mindful and relax no matter what kind of day I’ve had.

Yoga has the power to teach many lessons on the mat which may be transferred off the mat into your everyday life. Your practice can entwine into who you are as a person, how you feel and how you respond to your environment on a day-to-day basis. I challenge each of my students to find their true selves through their practice.