Meet Laura

Laura | Teacher

Trained in Jimmy Barkan Levels 2&3 – 200 hr

Fun Fact: Laura really loves getting up early because she feels that there is so much potential early on in the day.

  • Hot 26 Fusion Flow
  • Hot Vinyasa Express

My journey with hot yoga began in 2012 when I moved to Raleigh. During graduate school, I ran and competed in organized sports in order to get my exercise. After school, I was looking for something different after organized sports became harder to come by.

I noticed that many runners sustained many long-term injuries and I was looking for something safer to do for exercise. After constant urging from my yogi friends, I tried hot yoga and loved it. I loved the way it made my body feel and allowed me to get my mind, body and spirit on the same page.

After practicing for a while, I realized that I wanted to teach. I knew it was a great way to continue my practice and so I was eager to learn. One of the things that I love most about Indigo and that inspired me to teach was the great sense of community at the studio. And I also liked the fact that Indigo is not just a place to workout, but tries to make a difference in the community by offering donation only classes, as well as sponsoring a community organization each month by holding a class to raise money for that organization.

When students leave my class, I want them to be able to feel the connection of their body, mind and spirit and how each of the separate parts gives to the others. Not only that, but I want my students to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I look forward to sharing my practice with you all.