Meet Lisa

Lisa | Teacher

Trained in Hot Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hr

Fun Fact: I’m a sex and the city fanatic and love SJP. I would love to write an HBO series depicting the craziness of my life starring SJP.

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow
  • Hot 26 Fusion Flow

I started practicing yoga in 2003, but for many years my practice was sporadic. I always found yoga so frustrating because I am not very flexible and have trouble with balance. Previously a runner, cardio junkie and group exercise instructor for 16 years, I love to sweat. Originally from Rockford, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, I have always hated the cold. This drew me south to Raleigh and ultimately to Hot Yoga at Indigo.

I initially found hot yoga when I ran into an acquaintance while doing errands after a yoga class at a non-hot yoga studio. She asked if I had tried Indigo Hot Yoga and explained that they offered Hot Vinyasa, Hot 26 Fusion and Hot Yin Yoga. I was intrigued. I did my research and then headed across town for my first class.

Even though I’ve run six marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice, I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my entire life as I did in that first one-hour class! When I got home, my husband looked at me and asked incredulously, “What happened to you?” to which I answered, “I have no idea, but I have to go back and do it again!” Over the last three plus years, I’ve become a hot yoga junkie – no longer a cardio junkie. My husband has also become a believer in hot yoga and is a regular at Indigo.

Initially, my decision to join Indigo’s 2015 hot yoga teacher training was to deepen my practice. In turn, I’ve found that one of the most rewarding things is that I help to deepen my students’ practices. Whether you’re a beginner or have been sweating for years, I always welcome you to my class. Namaste.