Meet Sarah

Sarah | Teacher

Trained in Hot Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hr

Fun Fact: Quite the jet-setter, Sarah has traveled to over 30 different countries, including yoga retreats in Bali and Crete, and even lived in Bermuda for a while.

  • Hot 26 Fusion Flow
  • Hot Vinyasa Flow

Growing up, I was a dancer and cheerleader, so the beauty, balance, and grace of yoga appealed to me. Later on, I became an avid runner and completed the Chicago Marathon and several half marathons (and I also competed in multiple CrossFit competitions). While already physically challenging to begin with, I developed sciatica which made running less accessible.  I knew that I needed a way for my body to heal while still satiating my love for challenging physical fitness – yoga proved to do the trick.

16 years ago, I began my yoga journey when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga. I knew I was hooked when I was sore for four days after. A few years later, I realized my passion for the hot room and there was no turning back after that. I lived in Manhattan for 8 years and practiced yoga there and all over the world whenever traveling; yoga has always been the yin to my yang lifestyle.  After returning to Raleigh, I found my home at Indigo and was so inspired by the powerful combination of spirituality and athleticism, that I found at the studio. This inspired me to take teacher training.

During each of my classes, you can expect me to share one of my favorite philosophies – yoga on the mat is transferable off the mat to everyday life. Yoga has taken on a very spiritual meaning for me as I often refer back to Patanjali, or the eight limb path which explains yoga as more than just the physical practice. By focusing on mindfulness and other important qualities, such as balance, flexibility, concentration, strength, compassion and ego, I always aim to inspire my students by drawing powerful metaphors between the physical and spiritual practice.  Just as yoga grounds me, I ground my students in each class by defining a powerful word in intention setting and delivering a meaningful quote in savasana. By sharing my practice with my students, it allows me to further my own yoga journey.