Rachel – May Teacher of the Month

Rachel – May Teacher of the Month

This month we’ve gotten to know our Teacher of the Month, Rachel, a bit better each week. She shared with us how she first came to find the practice of yoga. We also learned about how Rachel expresses her creativity through her creations, which she sells through her own Etsy store. Rachel used to act and has even been in off-broadway plays.

Rachel is dedicated not only to teaching and her own practice, but she also finds so much joy in sharing with others what she has learned. In addition to teaching at Indigo, she also offers private sessions for yogis looking to deepen their practice. She has her own website, which features her blog. This is another way she is able to share her journey through her life and practice. Each post is filled with insights and advice for those looking for positivity, yoga tips and wisdom.

Read Rachel’s blog and explore her website at: http://www.yogirachel.com.

Read next week and find out next week who we’ve chosen Indigo’s June Teacher of the Month!

Cody Davidson
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