Your Donations Helped Eveline Get a Car!

15 Dec Your Donations Helped Eveline Get a Car!


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Meet Eveline Ruiz. She is 61 years old and cares daily for her Mother who is 87 years old and on life support.
Eveline is a recovering alcoholic and has spent the last 16 months in an alcohol rehabilitation program, The Hilling Place; this program led her to her current job at the Tropical Smoothie Café on Oberlin Road.
Eveline has come to know and become friends with Indigo’s instructor Claudine as she would come in and get smoothies after their classes. She takes the bus to work every day, a 2 hour commute that would take 15 minutes by car.  For this reason, she has been applying to a program called Wheels of Hope that provides cars to those in need for a fraction of the price of a used car.
After seeing Eveline wait at the bus stop on a daily basis, Claudine offered to help Eveline and gather funds generated from Indigo’s Community Donation-based class to purchase her a car through Wheels of Hope. Eveline has expressed extreme gratitude for the kindness provided to her by Claudine and the Indigo family; not just for the car, but for being there as a support system through some of the toughest times she has been through.
Gratitude comes in many forms, and for Eveline Ruiz it came in the form of a reliable form of transportation so she can safely get to work and care for her Mother.
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