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Alexis | Teacher

Fun Fact: I started practicing yoga around age 16


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Born and raised in Rochester, NY, I recently moved to the area and stumbling upon this Indigo Family was more than I ever expected. I started practicing yoga around 16, my commitment to practice ebbing and flowing as I made my way through life. In the back of my mind, I did see myself some day becoming a yoga instructor. However, I did not know teacher training would change my life.
The Baptiste influenced training was led by powerful instructors, and I am thankful for the space given to express, evolve, and practice during my YTT. I knew as the training ended I would be lying to myself to say I was truly happy in my current job and lifestyle. I was hired at a local yoga  studio in Rochester, found a part time job, and quit life as a public accountant. My favorite thing about yoga is that I am always a student. Even as a teacher, I learn day after day how to better take care of myself and the students who take my class. Stepping on the mat as a teacher I can honestly say I feed off the energy we create together in the room.

Yoga is the reason I know myself well. It is the reason I continue to learn about my strengths and weaknesses. If I can help a student find their way to themselves, that is what it’s all about for me. Teaching style: power vinyasa with music you will lose yourself in, and that I typically dance along to. Providing space for students to connect their body and breath to find an edge that meets them where they are today.