Meet Cherie

Cherie | Teacher

Trained in Jimmy Barkan Level 1 – 200 hr

Fun Fact: Cherie has been a professional psychic for 25 years.

  • Gentle Hot Yoga
  • Hot Vinyasa Flow

I have been plagued by back and neck problems all my life, and so I wanted physical relief, as well as mental and emotional balance. It was only natural that I turned to yoga in 2001.

After the first month of practice, my back and neck pain disappeared never to return. My body, mind and spirit felt revived and renewed and I slept great at night! I was hooked on Bikram yoga for 10 years, but once I came to Indigo Hot Yoga, I could not get enough of hot Vinyasa yoga.

Being a professional psychic goes hand-and-hand with teaching and practicing hot yoga. I often recommend yoga to people when I see that they have physical or mental blocks in the body. Hot yoga allows them to cleanse their chakras, as well as their energy centers, which can overall improve their wellbeing. Understanding the energy body makes all the difference for my hot yoga practice.

The yoga studio has always been my santuary and my community as well as where I practice yoga. My desire to share yoga with others is a great passion in my life.