Meet Dean

Dean | Teacher

Trained in RYT200 certification

Fun Fact:  Dean coordinates a yoga for runners program


In my mid 30’s, I realized that I was living unsustainable and needed to lose weight, learn how to constructively reduce stress and take ownership of my health. Initially, I found success through making good dietary choices, losing almost 100 lbs. and becoming an avid runner. In early 2015, I found Indigo hot yoga and decided to give it a try for a month while healing from a stress fracture. Immediately, I knew that this physical and spiritual practice would become a core part of my life. That year I decided to take Indigo’s teacher training as a way to deepen my practice beyond what group classes offered.

In May 2016, I graduated teacher training gaining my RYT200 certification and a mission to merge my passion for running with the balancing and restorative benefits of yoga and share this with others. I have coordinated a yoga for runners program at Indigo and this year, we got several yogi’s ready for a 5k with the namaste to 5k program. I have been teaching at Indigo Hot Yoga since 2016.