Meet Holly

Holly | Teacher

Trained in Hot Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hr

Fun Fact:

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow

I first encountered the practice of yoga when I attended NC State as an undergraduate, and I have been at Indigo since its founding in 2012. Working in the financial services industry, practicing and teaching yoga allows me to tap into the more emotional and spiritual side of my brain. This practice is truly the yin to my typical, everyday yang.

Yoga has taught me many things, including respect for myself and everyone’s unique story. My most rewarding teaching experience was the first time that I taught final savasana. It is my favorite part of class because this is where the instructor can lead a student to find their personal place of release, rest, and hopefully a more centered mental state.

One of my favorite parts about teaching is the community, as well as seeing students consistently come back to share and receive energy. By incorporating my practice of yoga into my everyday life, I have found my own voice. I constantly strive to help my students find their own, too.