See you on the mat

Flow Options

Community Class - Donation Only

60 min

Attention newcomers! Always wanted to try hot yoga? This class is a great start.

  • Offered once a week, Saturdays at 1:30 pm with a minimum $5 donation
  • 100% of the proceeds go to the local charity of the month
  • Part of Indigo’s new teacher training
  • Taught by newly RYT certified instructors

Experienced yogis welcome.

Gentle Hot Yoga

60 min

Perfect class for beginners or experienced yogi’s who are looking to slow it down a bit. Another great option if you’re new to hot yoga.

  • Flow at a slower pace
  • Perfect alignment of basic poses
  • Deepen flexibility
  • Focus on breathing techniques

While geared towards beginners, experienced yogis can improve alignment in poses

Hot Vinyasa Flow

60 min

Vinyasa means “movement driven by breath.” In this class, all movements are linked to breath for a total body experience.

  • Quicker action-filled flow
  • Targets all muscle groups
  • Provides a total body focus

All skill levels welcome – modifications are included in instruction. Vinyasa classes burn on average 800-950 calories.

Hot Vinyasa Flow - Levels I and II

75 min

An extended version of Hot Vinyasa Flow. Perfect for the yogi that wants an added challenge.

  • Options for more advanced postures in class
  • Builds strength and endurance
  • Improves sculpting
  • Critical focus on using the breath to achieve poses

Vinyasa means movement driven by breath.

Hot Vinyasa Flow Express

45 min

Perfect for yogis on the go.

  • Quick flows with high intensity
  • Linked to the breath for maximum benefit
  • Core strengthening and energizing poses

Fit yoga into your day wherever your busy life takes you.

Hot Vinyasa Flow with Optional Weights

60 min

Indigo provides the weights, you bring you! Go to your max with Hot Vinyasa Sculpt using Weights.

  • Similar to Hot Vinyasa Flow with the added challenge of optional weights
  • Sets of reps added to flows to sculpt and define the body
  •  1 to 5 pound weights to vary desired intensity

As always, listen to your body. Weights can be optional.

Hot 26 Fusion Flow

60 and 90 min 

This class is the perfect combination of a Hot Vinyasa incorporating and weaving the 26 through the flow.

  • Mix of Hot 26 and flow sequences
  • Quick pace but movement with the breath
  • Detoxify and sculpt
  • Average calories burned: 650

This class is offered in 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Yin Yoga

60 min

Hot 26 and Hot Vinyasa focus on ‘yang’ energy to push and challenge. Yin Yoga focuses on restorative energy – while still providing a satisfying workout.

  • Postures held 5 min, all postures are floor postures
  • Integrates bolsters and towels for micro-targeting
  • Targets and restores deeper connective tissues
  • Deepens the mindfulness practice through poses

Listen closely to your body and go gently to your edge

Get Personal

Private Sessions

60 and 90 min 

Private sessions are great for:

  • Learning modifications for injuries
  • Correcting alignment
  • Eliminating improper and harmful pose habits
  • Exploring and deepening inversion poses

Starting at $125/hour max. 5 people.


90 to 120 min 

Workshops focus on specific areas like:

  • Perfecting basic poses
  • Exploring advanced inversions
  • Mastering arm/hand balance, hip openers, shoulder openers

Workshops also open the mind:

  • Explore new styles with guest workshop instructors
  • Think differently about yoga as a vehicle beyond the workout
  • Connect with fellow students