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In Loving Memory, Our Braveheart

Welcome to Indigo Equine!


We provide EFL which is Equine Facilitated Learning and are accredited by The HERD Institute. HERD
stands for Human Equine Relational Development.


Either in a Private or Group setting, we introduce and offer sessions and our core belief is that personal
growth and learning are optimized through authentic relationships, horses and humans together as a
partnership. Meeting, Relating and Integrating.


It’s not necessarily about riding these beautiful animals, (which is optional) but making time for you to
create space where the Mind, Body and Spirit reconnect. This can be through watching, observing, touch,
ground manners with our horses, haltering, leading, connecting, games, grooming and riding if desired. You can also hike with horses on foot. Take a 30 to 60 minute plus session with these amazing horses through beautiful terrain. A work out to work in.


Private or Group lessons for children to Seniors, Special Needs, Youth Group, Senior Group or Corporate
Team building, let us find a space for all to feel more centered and grounded leaving the best versions of
ourselves through these connections with our Equine/Horse partners.

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To book an appointment please email us @ or Call us +1 919-961-1080

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