Meet Claudine

Claudine | Owner

Trained in Hot Vinyasa Flow – 200 hr, Hot 26 Bija – 200 hr and Jimmy Barkan Levels 2 & 3 – 80 hr

Fun Fact: Claudine transformed herself from a VP of Finance for a large bank to a yoga studio owner. The culture is focused on making yoga feel accessible to everyone not just certain body types.


I began my Hot Hatha Yoga practice over 17 years ago shortly after my son was diagnosed with autism at two years of age. I was devastated; I couldn’t sleep and I had anxiety attacks often. Within a month, after starting to take five classes a week, everything changed for my son Joseph and I. The anxiety melted away. I was sleeping again and felt a sense of power in my bones that everything is possible and that he was going to be fine! Physically it is truly amazing, but this is secondary to what happens through our practice both mentally and spiritually.

Yoga has continued to walk beside me throughout my life as I have raised two awesome children, had back surgery and a complete recovery. Hot Yoga completely shifted my focus from Corporate America and inspired me to open Indigo Hot Yoga Center in 2012.

It is medicine for the body and soul and it changed my life forever. It can do the same for you – you just have to allow it.