Meet Declan

Declan | Teacher

Trained in Jimmy Barkan Level 1 – 200 hr; ERYT 200 hr

Fun Fact: Declan competed in Mixed Martial Arts for many years.

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow
  • Hot 26 Fusion Flow
  • Gentle Hot Flow

I have always sought out intense forms of physical exercise. I played competitive soccer through college and then spent the next 25 years heavily involved in Martial Arts. I fought in the ring in Mixed Martial Arts events pushing my body to its physical limits.

I came to hot yoga about 10 years ago initially focused on the intense physical workout. The wonderful surprise to me was how restorative the Yoga was, helping to alleviate some of the damage done in all of my prior years of physical exercise. Along with that, the sense of mental clarity and balance it provided made me realize that this was something that was life changing for me.

I have found that as we deal with life’s challenges, and there will always be some, Yoga is a wonderful tool to help keep us balanced and in touch with our selves. The fact that it provides an intense physical workout that increases stamina, flexibility and core strength are the icing on the cake.

I decided to begin teaching Hot Yoga because I realized the tremendous impact it had on my life could be replicated for others. It is a way for me to pass on the wonderful gift that Yoga has been in my life. I love helping people realize they can push past their comfort zones and make positive changes in their physical and mental states. The consistent message I hear from anyone who has started taking Hot Yoga is how impactful it has been on their life.

I look forward to seeing you in my classes.