Meet Haley

Haley | Teacher

Trained in RYT 200 – Yoga Alliance

Fun Fact: Her brother is her biggest inspiration. A high school drop out, he went on to go to Princeton and ultimately become a lawyer in Miami. To her, this proves that anything is possible.

  • Gentle Hot Flow
  • Hot Vinyasa Flow

My first experience with yoga was actually through seeing the beautiful yoga models on social media. I grew up doing Pilates with my mom, but after seeing how amazing all the yogis looked; I knew that I had to try it.

My first hot yoga class was a Hot 26 class. I was addicted to the high I experienced after that first class and knew that I had to keep chasing it.

During my nine-month teacher training, I had to have an unexpected surgery. Because I had been regularly going to yoga, my healing process was short and my recovery was nothing short of miraculous. I only had to miss one month of yoga.

My day job is working at a drug-testing lab, but teaching yoga is my fun job. Before taking my class, I want everyone to take a deep breath and remember that yoga is fun and to not take it too seriously.

My favorite part of being a yoga teacher is all of the amazing students and teachers that I have met and had the chance to work with. Knowing that I have had an impact on even one student makes it worthwhile to me.

I live for the moment after class when a student approaches me and says that my class or what I’ve said made a difference to them.