Meet Jessie

Jessie | Teacher

Trained in YTT 200 hr

Fun Fact: My favorite thing to cook is a bolognese sauce; I got the recipe from an Italian roommate’s grandmother in Naples.

Hey team, Jessie Nordstrom here. A bit about me and my yoga story. I got into yoga 4 years ago after a back injury. A good friend of mine “did a deal with Claudine” to get me a month‘s pass to unlimited yoga at Indigo. It would be a very poor business model to give away free yoga, so no back alley stuff here; I’m pretty confident that “deal” was just, you know, my friend paying for me to have a month of unlimited yoga. In any case, I was and am super grateful. From the first moment, I found Indigo absolutely amaz… intimidating. I 100% felt like everyone knew what they were doing, and I was the graceless former athlete who couldn’t keep up. Buuuuut my friend had done a deal, and my back hurt, so I kept coming.

It took me a few months but I realized I was intimidated; no one here is intimidating. These days I crave yoga classes, for the heat, the hard work, the quiet. I love chaturanga because it took me 2 years to build the strength to do it. I love warrior II because it’s a boss pose. I love standing bow because balance has always been difficult for me. Because of Indigo, my balance has gone from “concerning for someone her age” to “bad but maybe she won’t fall and hurt herself.” Who knew engaging your core was key.

After coming to Indigo for a few years, YTT 200 felt like a natural next step, thought it was really Maureen Bizyak who convinced me to sign up. Teacher training was a spectacular experience–shoutouts to Claudine, JA, Dec, all my fellow trainees, and all the students who take class. The community here is truly special, and I feel thankful to be a part of it. I’m excited to share my learning and for the opportunity to teach at Indigo.