Meet Kimberly

Kimberly | Teacher

Trained in Hot Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hr

Fun Fact: I spent summers as a child on the farm where my mother grew up (Salemburg, NC).  My sister, cousins. and I had to be up early to shell butterbeans/peas & shuck corn or I would be with my father working with the cows. 

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow

I began teaching fitness classes in 2008 when our youngest went to kindergarten.
I originally spent the beginning years focused on group cardio adhering to my
genetic makeup of never being still. I have this intense energy that sometimes
translates into “too much” yet I don’t see it.

Indigo saved me by getting me outside of that genetic sandbox and into a
beautiful new world of yoga. It took me a little time to get used to a form of
whole-body without burpees/jumping jacks/running, but once I had the chance to dedicate myself to the practice of yoga I was hooked. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to do yoga. I’m still the same cardio junkie teaching classes, but now I see the benefits of getting cardio (in some of the Vinyasa flows) and the benefits of slowing down (in some of the Gentle flows) to create a mind-body-spirit balance. I participated in the Indigo Teacher Training and graduated in 2021. It was life-changing for me in so many ways. I want to share all of them with everyone!

I am a Raleigh native born in the old Rex hospital. Minus a 6-year stint in Boston,
MA after I married my husband, Bob, I have lived here my whole life. I even
graduated from Meredith College (yes, I am an “Angel”). My parents still live in
the house I grew up in and my sister/brother-n-law/extended family live close by
as well. We have 2 sons (Parker and Weston) both currently in college.
I love teaching, and learning, and improving, and I hope that translates in every
practice I guide others through.