Meet Maureen

Maureen | Teacher

Trained in 200 hr

Fun Fact: I am a fitness trainer in Raleigh too. I absolutely LOVE teaching!


I have been a long time member to Indigo Hot Yoga and Wellness. I am also a graduate of Indigo’s teacher training program. I know, see, talk and practice with so many of you in the studio. I want to thank all of you for letting me guide you through your practices these last several months. This workout and work-in called yoga is what keeps all of us happy, healthy and balanced. My husband Brent and I have three teenage and college age boys (Gavin, Garrett, Grady). We all attend Indigo Hot Yoga and LOVE it!

I am a fitness trainer in Raleigh too. I absolutely LOVE teaching! I love watching people grow emotionally, physically and spiritually when doing something good for their body and soul. The teachers at Indigo are the best. Hands down. I have learned so much from all of them.

My greatest inspiration in my teaching is our MEMBERS and STUDENTS! I love watching you all get stronger, land a pose, finish a vinyasa, smile, laugh, make friends, shine a bright light from within and just STOP and take childs pose or savasana. It’s the best! And our teacher and student after class chats are great whether we are in the locker room, class, or outside. We stand or sit sweaty and drenched enjoying our workout glow and stories. I cherish those moments. Thank you! And what I hope to bring to you in class is that same energy, light, motivation, grit, smiles and kindness that you give to all of our teachers.