Meet Mechelle

Mechelle | Teacher

Trained in Jimmy Barkan Levels 2&3 – 200 hr

Fun Fact: Mechelle wants to be Stevie Nicks when she grows up.

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow
  • Hot 26 Fusion Flow
  • Yin Yoga

I’ve been practicing Hot yoga since 2007.

I used to be an extreme sports enthusiast who performed crazy stunts, such as jumping out of planes, riding a bike hundreds of miles and running a half marathon mostly under trained. After I had done all of these intense exercises, my chiropractor led me to yoga in order to heal myself. My desire for the extreme steered me toward hot yoga. Little did I know it would change my life and my world.

I became Hot 26 Bija certified at the 200 hr level just a year after I started my practice, and taught with intensity for 3 years. After a while I learned that yoga truly is not about pushing your body beyond, but is about finishing the race gracefully and intact. Slowing down has made me stronger than ever before. And yoga proves to be the medicine that consistently works.

Although it is a cliché, I really do believe that yoga is for everyone. During any of my classes, I want my students to feel confident and good about themselves when they leave.

Never be afraid to take a chance and SHOW up. You’ll not know what you can do until you show up and try, just try.

It just may change your life…