Meet Rachel

Rachel | Teacher

Trained in 200 hr Vinyasa Flow at Sonic Yoga in NYC; 300 hr Ashtanga based training in Koh Samul, Thailand

Fun Fact: Rachel lives with her husband, as well as her black cat, Halloween, and is a self-proclaimed lover of hot sauce

  • Hot Vinyasa Flow

I would consider myself a divergent thinker, a truth seeker and lover of all things beauty.  I have a passion for teaching children and love to create freedom in my life.

My favorite color is blue, but my spirit is not. My best friends describe me as simultaneously the most grounded and flighty person they know.

I like to describe myself as having the heart of a teacher with an artist’s soul. My teachings are a fusion of the knowledge I have gathered studying yoga all around the world.

From my formal college studies in the field of education, to the fluid flows of NYC’s sonic yoga, and all the way to the beaches of Thailand with master teachers, I have gathered my experiences into teachable, safe and engaging lessons.

My classes are creatively and intelligently sequenced fun vinyasa flows designed to create freedom in the body and mind.  Each class is composed of mantra, mudra, pranayama and asana to help connect you to the highest version of yourself.

I would love to see you in one of my classes!